(Photo from USAID Facebook Page)

The local government and community members of the northern Palawan town of Roxas have teamed up with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to protect and rehabilitate damaged and degraded forests within its watersheds.

In a Facebook post, USAID reported the assistance they are extending in completing “a comprehensive and inclusive” plan for the town’s watershed conservation and management plan.

The agency also said that 400 community members from different sectors participated in the planning workshop they facilitated, seeking to develop a community-led stewardship of their resources.

“The community members identified actions such as reforestation in denuded areas, rehabilitation of riverbanks, establishment of production forests, and application of agroforestry in cleared areas. By following a bottom-up approach in local watershed conservation and management planning, USAID facilitates legitimacy, buy-in, and implementation of actions by affected communities,” USAID explained.

A 2015 ECAN Resource Management Plan says that the municipality of Roxas has two LGU-proclaimed watershed management areas and eight proposed ones.

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