US-PH war games resume in Palawan

Photo Courtesy: Reuters (File Photo)

Despite Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent pronouncement of pivoting alliance away from the US government, followed by his eventual softer stance towards new US President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, the Philippine Army and its US counterpart kicked off their month-long joint exercises today, November 16, in Palawan.

The said training engagement of the Philippine Army with the US Special Operations Forces, which will run until December 14, is called “Balance Piston 16-4,” Army spokesman Colonel Benjamin Hao said in national media interviews.

The training, which will be held at a maritime training facility in Puerto Princesa City and at a military camp based in Rizal, Palawan, will see participation from the US Special Forces and Philippine Army’s SOCOM forces.

The training events under PH-US Balance Piston 16-4 include Subject Matter Expert Exchange Training on Human Rights, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Marksmanship, Small Unit Tactics in a Riverine/Coastal Environment, Maritime Interdiction, Over the Beach, Combat Swimmer Operations, Air Operations Mission Planning, and a Full Mission Profile Culminating Exercise.

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