“ American Caesar ” by William Manchester features General Douglas McArthur and his sense of urgent mission to liberate Corregidor, a stunning feat of his military leadership during World War 11. He said: “ It is intrinsically, war-worn rock, hallowed by death and disaster. Yet it symbolizes within itself that priceless, deathless thing, the honor of a nation. Until we lift our flag from its dust, we stand unredeemed before mankind. Until we claim again the ghastly remnants of its gaunt garrison, we can but humble supplicants before God. There lies the Holy Grail ”. The mission was extremely urgent that for McArthur nothing else matters and no tag price too high than the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese.

In stark contrast, the invited people to the wedding banquet by the King in Matthew’s Gospel 22:1-14, were complacent, ignoring the invitation. It can wait they thought, preferring their own agenda over their salvation. Self-interest was their priority. Envisioning for retirement, lump-sum package and perks were more important. One went to his farm, another to his business, the other just ignored and went away.

Things have not changed much. Negative and critical people abound. They see only the dark side of things, complain about anything and are never pleased. Plagued by their pride and greed not realizing that what they see as objectionable in others, is exactly what others see as objectionable in them.

Are you trending with your future settlement or retirement plan? What about your “Exit Plan” from this life to the next? It’s time to seriously consider God’s urgent invitation to repent and reform for better and for good before it’s too late. We must realize that his invitation can’t wait for we can never tell what the future holds for us, though we surely know who holds the future.

Are you just drifting along with no direction in life, lazy, wasting your time and talent away? The worst regret is when you ignore the opportunity to change and repent before life’s tragedy strikes. Don’t stay too long out there in the darkness of sin but make a right turn and reconcile with God and neighbor. It’s urgent, do not delay.

It’s inspiring to know people like General Douglas McArthur with a sense of urgency for his mission to free a nation, likewise the people of Nineveh who repented at the preaching of Jonah (Lk. 11: 29-32.) Beggars have the sense of urgency begging to survive each day. What about being a beggar before the Lord? Begging for his mercy and compassion? When we ask God for help, we admit our dependence on him and we please him. “ Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. “ ( Mt. 7:7).

On the flip side, someone said that if you have time to pray, God has time to listen. “ If only people know what eternity is, they would do everything to change their lives”. ( Our Lady of Fatima). Sometimes people don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them. Usually, the people with the best advice are the ones with the most problems. They say that intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become. There is nothing permanent except change. Amen on that folks.

Pray the Divine Mercy prayer and Chaplet everyday.

“ Suffering is a great grace, through suffering, the soul becomes like the Savior.” ( St. Faustina, Diary 57.)








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