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(WARNING: This story has potentially upsetting content. Readers should exercise caution.)

The University of Cebu (UC) is proud of Angyl Faith Ababat, a sophomore nursing student, for providing first aid to a 54-year-old vendor whose neck had been slashed by her partner.

“Faith in humanity restored by one of our nursing students. Kudos! Angyl for the kind deed and genuity that you showed to people in need,” the university said in a Facebook post.

Ababat recalled an incident that occurred on January 30 at Plaridel St. in Cebu in the same post.

She claimed that she was initially hesitant to assist because there were so many pre-med or med students in the area at the time. When no one else offered to help the assaulted vendor, she stepped in.

“I was hoping they will be the first to respond to the lady. But no one responded, and when I saw nanay almost collapsing, I thought, ‘what if no one’s there to help?’ That’s why I took the initiative to respond,” she said.

Ababat acknowledged that she could not have completed the task without the knowledge and skills she gained at university.

“I am thankful to my RLE (Related Learning Experience) Clinical instructors at UC because they taught us the basics and especially wound care. And aside from that, there are also training at school that I was able to apply,” she expressed.

The post of the university has since earned 16k reactions, 3.5k shares, and 415 overwhelming positive comments praising the student.

UC has also decided to make Ababat the poster girl of their recruitment campaign for their nursing program.

“So, we decided to make Angyl Faith as our model for a marketing poster this month. Angyl showed exceptional act of kindness during the neck-slashing incident last Monday, January 30,” UC posted.

“Good job, Angyl, you serve as good example of a true UCnian that cares. You’re a real ‘HERO’. The whole University of Cebu community is so proud of you! From a role model, Now you are a real MODEL!” UC said further.

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