Lately, news everywhere have become unpleasant, from the lenses of ethics at least. It is alarming. It is even more disturbing if and when not a voice of protest is heard. No courageous soul would dare reprimand evil subtleties. Is it because we know not? Or, we care not at all since we are unaffected yet? But when in the end (heaven forbid) we will also be harmed, who is going to protest for us then? That said, let us attempt to remonstrate some issues affecting us, wittingly or unwittingly.

Fake News: This is nothing but chismis gone digital and lucrative. The kapitbahayan way of besmirching one’s reputation has already crossed unimaginable borders. A malicious post on Facebook originating from a far flung barrio could go as far as Boston or Barcelona and beyond. Some just have all the luck in the  world that they could earn a caboodle of taxpayers’ money twisting truths and falsifying facts. Hello, trolls! Fake news is actually a projection of non-acceptance of one’s true self and the internal bitterness being thrown on somebody else. This could never be a form of expression nor a responsible use of anything, particularly freedom.

Destabilization: Who destabilizes who? Apparently, anybody who goes against the Duter-train risks being demolished flat along the railway of politicking. Impeachment has become the proper name of the penalty ticket. And quite conspicuously, those who are being charged are ladies – the Vice-President, the Chief Justice and the Ombudsman.  Not to mention, the feisty lady-senator who have been behind bars for quite some time now. Then, there is that highly respected sociologist Randy David. When he, in his Inquirer column, described Duterte as becoming purveyor of fake news, he instantly gained his nasty share of bashers and a fake namesake in Facebook.

A City Deeply Divided: Look no farther, our city is not unlike it. The confusion is even darker and deeper. Who runs the city now? That is, if it is still running, since everyone seems to be saying that everything has already been stalled. “Kawawa ang taongbayan” has become the unsavory refrain of our theme song. But what is even more frustrating is the fact that a way to reconcile these warring parties is nowhere around the bend. Not one, just yet, plays the courageous role of a referee.  Mabuti pa ang mga manok kapag nagsasalpok ay may umaawat. We have become a people more divided than the Yellowtards against the Dutertards.  Nasaan ang hustisya?When will the one brave Batang Puerto Princesa rise and give a dove with the olive branch to both parties? We have a drought of peacemakers. What we have is a deluge of kakampi. Kailan natin kakampihan ang common good, pagkakasundo at pagkakaisa?

The Truer Pogi: Who exudes sex appeal better? Empoy or Xander? Who has more admirers? And more bashers? Empoy has just raked a whooping P300 million from a super hit movie. He earned as well the undisputed title – “the new pogi”.  In a completely stark contrast, Xander Ford  has “to kill” himself as Marlou Arizala,  to the price tag of P435,000 (and he is not done completely yet, they said). Both are supposed to be considered now as dashing and striking. But really, who is the truer pogi? The one who carries his being “not so pogi” in style with his peculiar smile? Or, the one who could no longer stand being “not so pogi” and thusly turn to plastic surgery?

Certainly, not a soul wants to remain unpleasant. Everyone desires and deserves to become charming in his/her lifetime too. But being fake is not a way to be transformed as one. Bickering is neither. Much less, discontentment of one’s being. That saying, what could really make one as beautiful may not be the magic of plastic of surgery but perhaps the power of a “heart transplant” – a change of heart, that is.

By the way, Empoy has an upcoming movie entitled The Barker. I will surely watch it.  This is kind of “pogi” is cannot be unpleasant, not ugly.

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