(WARNING: This story has potentially upsetting content. Readers should exercise caution.)

A fiesta celebration in Barangay Isugod, Quezon, Palawan took a grim turn when a stabbing incident occurred around 1:30 in the morning on June 29.

The incident left two farmers, Jericho Basic Panoril and Rex Balsa Tahil, both 27 years old and residents of the said barangay, injured and hospitalized.

The alleged perpetrator, Elias Escalante Bonda, a 19-year-old construction laborer, was immediately apprehended by the personnel of the 2nd Platoon of the 1st Palawan Provincial Mobile Force Company and is now in custody at the Quezon police station.

According to a report shared by Police Major Ric Ramos of the Palawan Provincial Police Office (PPO), the incident transpired amid a group of individuals engaged in a drinking spree, which led to a disturbance in the area. Panoril and Tahil, in an effort to restore order, intervened and were subsequently stabbed by Bonda.

Panoril sustained a serious stab wound on his body, necessitating his transfer to the Ospital ng Palawan (ONP) in Puerto Princesa City for specialized medical treatment. Tahil, on the other hand, remains receiving medical care at the Quezon Medicare Hospital for a stab wound on his right arm.

Authorities are conducting follow-up investigation into the incident, and Bonda will reportedly face legal proceedings for his alleged offense.