The Tubbataha management is flexing a turn-based base building downloadable game called “Reef Warden” for Windows PCs in order to educate the public on what it takes to be a marine park ranger and be on the frontlines of environmental conservation.

According to the management, many may be unaware that their marine park rangers (MPRs) spend every hour in the heart of the Sulu Sea for two months at a time to protect one of nature’s masterpieces, the Tubbataha Reefs, a natural park and a World Heritage Site in Palawan.

“Being a marine park ranger may be a dream job for many, but only a few know what it takes to be one,” it said.

Reef Warden game developers, Anton Valenzuela (left) and Rom Enriquez (right) of Ateneo de Manila University.

However, Tubbataha management stated that owing to Reef Warden, which was developed by Anton Valenzuela and Rom Enriquez, students from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science at the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), people will finally appreciate what the role entails.

The management said that the game, which emphasizes marine conservation and its associated challenges, provides players with the opportunity to construct their own ranger station to safeguard the nearby reef, while also enhancing the facility’s capacity to manage guests.

The players will also have to conduct research to learn more about the reef and protect it.

Reef Warden is a game that’s playable also in browsers based on the work of the rangers of Tubbataha: law enforcement, research, visitor management, and the like.

“It is an engaging and challenging game with a novel storyline, and it combines fun and the realities of safeguarding the ocean,” Tubbataha management added.

Valenzuela and Enriquez were motivated to develop Reef Warden, mainly about the lives of the marine park rangers, after one of their advisers, Maria T. Rodrigo, PhD., suggested the concept.

“It was Rom who thought of focusing the game on the rangers’ work of protecting the reef. To get an insight about where the concept would take them, they interviewed Protected Area Superintendent, Angelique Songco, and two rangers, Segundo Conales, Jr. and Jeffrey David. After processing the interviews, the two settled on the concept for the game,” the management said.

The game may be found here:Reef Warden