A still-unidentified assailant shot and injured a 24-year-old tricycle driver from Barangay Tabon, Quezon on Wednesday, according to the local police.

A report from the Quezon Municipal Police Station identified the victim as Jonard Pandil Arroyo. The shooting allegedly occurred while he was driving his tricycle with his wife and son.

Despite having gunshot wounds to his right upper stomach and arm, the victim was still able to call for help.

The suspect was able to leave the crime scene right away, the police said.

A cellphone, two empty cartridges from a .45 caliber handgun, and a piece of slide stop (a part of a pistol) were among the evidence that police investigators reportedly found at the scene of the shooting.

The Quezon MPS is still conducting an investigation into the possible motive of the suspects in the shooting incident, while a manhunt is already underway for their immediate capture.