A transnational people’s group is calling for a total ban of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, following the novel coronavirus (nCoV) scare.

Dr. Celia Lamkin, chair and founder of National Youth Movement for West Philippine Sea (NYMWPS), in a press statement called the government’s attention to impose the total ban for public health and safety citing the widespread of confirmed cases in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Vietnam, Malaysia , Nepal, Australia, USA, Canada, France, Nepal, and lately, Cambodia.

“The Philippines is not medically prepared to handle the fatal virus so its only option is to impose the ban of incoming tourists from China to mitigate the risks of an imminent pandemic,” Lamkin said.

A Brazilian family, who were residents of Wuhan, was isolated in Palawan provincial hospital after showing flu-like symptoms during their vacation in El Nido town.

The incident prompted nCoV scare among the locals which eventually resulted to face masks running out of supplies in major pharmacies in the city.

Maurice Phillip Alexis Albayda, chair of NYMWPS Kalayaan Island Group, affirmed Lamkin’s view pointing out that the “we need drastic yet preserving action”.

“Our constitution implies the value of public health and public safety as the primary benefactor of the government. It is not bad for our national government to ban Chinese coming from mainland China and other tourists whose itineraries include mainland China. Through this action, we will, at our maximum capacity, preserve our nation to be least affected by the virus,” he added.

No confirmed case of nCoV was reported in the country, while 24 persons are under close watch, according to Department of Health (DOH) as of press time.


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