KAPANGYAN FALLS: In the midst of all the lush forests, a pool of water at the base of a rock wall and trees offers a nice relief from the heat to the adventurous souls that seek it. | Drone photo by Geoff Delahaye

Adventurers who are up to chasing waterfalls can already visit and explore Kapangyan Falls in Barangay Malihud, Bataraza town.

The 70-foot-high waterfalls will give guests a refreshing experience swimming in the 50-foot-wide pool below.

Its name was derived from the tree called “Pangi” by the Pala’wan, which is abundant in the area. The barangay is a 15-minute drive away from the town proper, where Kapangyan Falls is located. Guests need to take a 30- to 40-minute walk from the registration area to reach the site.

It has been accessible to the public since 2014, and tour guides such as Maripe Asipan recommend visitors hire a guide to ensure their safety during the hike.

At Kapangyan Falls, you can swim in water that is both pristine and refreshing.

“Kung walang tour guide na kasama pumunta sa taas, baka pag nagkaroon ng disgrasya ay hindi natin alam kung anong mangyari,” he said.

Aside from Kapangyan Falls, guests may also visit the rock formation, which is seven minutes away from the falls. The two sites are free to the public, including the fee for the tour guide, but donations are welcome.

The guides also promote the protection of the area by informing guests to bring their trash and not leave it on the site.