Nagtabon Beach on the west coast of Puerto Princesa City, Philippines. (Screensot from the video of the City Tourism Office)

The tourism office released on Friday a video highlighting some of Puerto Princesa’s four urban and 18 rural beaches as it continues to promote the city as a safe travel destination in the Philippines amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Presented by City Tourism Office (CTO) senior operations officer and chief of promotions marketing Michie Hitosis-Meneses, the 3:59 video blog takes viewers to BM Beach, Hartman Beach, Pristine Beach, and the new community-based tourism site (CBST) Canigaran Beach, which are all located in Puerto Princesa’s urban barangays.

Canigaran Beach, which boasts floating huts and a sandbar or partially exposed ridge of exquisite white sand, is located at the end of Rizal Avenue in Barangay Bancao-Bancao.

“Madali lang puntahan ang lugar na ito na matatagpuan sa dulong bahagi ng Rizal Avenue patungo sa dating airport (This location is easily accessible because it is located at the end of Rizal Avenue, which runs through the old airport),” Meneses said.

The floating huts in Canigaran Beach in Puerto Princesa City.

“Para marating ang sandbar, kailangang sumakay ng isang floating cottage na hihilahin ng isang motor banca (Individuals must ride a floating cottage towed by a motor banca to reach the sandbars),” she explained.

The floating huts range in price from P1,000 to P3,000, depending on capacity. What’s more, there is no entrance fee to the beach.

“Buong mag-hapon, puwede mo nang ma-enjoy ang lugar na ito (You could spend the entire day here and enjoy),” she said.

The CTO also highlighted three major beach sites on the west coast, out of the 18 rural beaches in Puerto Princesa: Nagtabon, Talaudyong, and Tagkawayan.

A view of the sandbar from Canigaran Beach.

To get to the beach destinations, Meneses recommends visiting the villages of Bacungan and Simpocan, about an hour away from the center of Puerto Princesa.

“Pagpunta pa lamang sa mga ito, mabubusog na kayo sa mga magagandang tanawin na inyong masisilayan. Pero dapat mag-concentrate sa pagmamaneho dahil ang bulubunduking bahagi ng Brgy. Bacungan ang tatahakin kung pupunta dito. (Visiting these locations will provide visitors with eye-catching sights and scenes. They must, however, concentrate on driving cautiously because they will be passing through mountainous areas of Brgy. Bacungan),” she added.

Nagtabon Beach is 900 meters long and is regarded as one of the most attractive rustic beach spots in Puerto Princesa. It is open sea and suitable for people who enjoy extreme hobbies such as surfing and kiteboarding.

Nagtabon Beach.

Meneses stated that the area has a well-organized CBST that is ready to assist visitors who want to be delighted and take in the breathtaking views of the land and water, or simply gaze out at the boundless horizon.

“Ilan ng surfing events ang ginawa dito, pero dapat mag-ingat kung maliligo sa beach na ito at sundin ang mga pinaiiral na regulasyon para sa kaligtasan (This has been the venue of various surfing events, however if tourists wish to swim, they must adhere to the safety regulations),” she reminded.

Tagkawayan Beach nearby is a one-kilometer-long open beach perfect for surfing, sunset gazing, and overnight glamping.

Tagkawayan Beach.
Talaudyong Beach.

According to Meneses, the beach is managed by two CBST organizations. They have certified lifeguards who keep guests safe while they enjoy the sand, sea, and sky.

Talaudyong Beach, on the other side of Nagtabon, is a 1.5-kilometer beach cove that provides calm waters due to its natural terrain structure.

“Talaga namang mag-e-enjoy ka sa isa’t kalahating kilometro na haba ng shoreline nito, pinong buhangin, at magandang view (This beach’s 1.5-kilometer stretch of fine white sand and stunning scenery ensures that you’ll have a great day),” Meneses said.