Touched by God

I was a cigarette smoker for quite sometime before until the Holy Week of 1988 at St. Anthony Church, Tamuning, Guam, my previous parish assignment that I was touched by God to realize the danger this habit will do to my health and to others. Moreover, now with my passion to promote the Divine Mercy devotion it gives me goose bumps to recall the past when I was a none- believer of the Divine Mercy until l 985 while saying Mass at the Holy Rosary parish in Chinatown, Binondo, Manila, my previous parish assignment before coming to Guam that God touched my heart to believe in it and from that time on, there was no turning back, and this great devotion to God’s mercy has become my ministry within my priestly ministry. Aside from Guam and Saipan, Northern Marianas, I have gone to the U.S. Canada and the Philippines, preaching and conducting symposia on Divine Mercy devotion to parishes, church organizations and schools since 1987.

It is a transfiguration in our imperfect nature that these religious experiences can happen in our life for the fact that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and inspires us. It was on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians when St. Paul was touched by God from a hater of Jesus into his avid follower and passionate preacher till the end of his life which ended in martyrdom. Touched by God, St. Augustine was converted from his life of heresy and despicable sinful ways to become a great Saint of God. He said; “ Our hearts are made for you , Oh God, and they shall not rest until they rest in you”. Touched by God, St. Francis of Assisi vowed to love and serve God expressed in his most beautiful song of; “ Make me a channel of your peace”. Mother Teresa was touched by God and spent her life caring for the poor, the sick and suffering in Calcutta, India.

Therefore God can touch anyone’s heart no matter how morally hardened and frigid to rip its closed door open to love and serve Him. Even a gambler who has plunged his or her life and family into deep financial wooes when helped by a faithful friend, or a drug addict when loved by a concern relative, or a homeless, and foodless person sheltered by a charitable organization, or a jobless and hopeless person encouraged by a friendly neighbor, or an alcoholic shown mercy and compassion by someone and many more down the road of life who can experience moments of change and comfort for it is the same power and presence of God that works in and through each of us.

On the flipside, whom have you brought closer to God with your good and inspiring example? With your kindness and love whom have you emancipated from poverty and misery? With your patience and prayer, whom have you encouraged to reform and change for the better and for good? With your dedication and commitment sharing your time, talent and treasure whom have you moved to keep on serving the Lord despite of strong criticism, opposition and trials? Don’t count the cost of your service to God for He is very generous and kind to reward you. On the other hand, don’t dwell yourself on those who let you down rather dwell on those who help you up. God forbid that you don’t give up and turn your back from serving Him because if you do, then you have made a big blunder in your life. Worst is when you get someone along to support and join you in that decision and direction. MAKE A U-TURN. Amen on that folks!!

In her Diary entry no. 164, St. Faustina wrote Jesus’ words; “ As often as you want to make Me happy, speak to the world about My great and unfathomable mercy”.

Pray the Divine Mercy prayer every 3 p.m. Daily recite the Chaplet of Mercy for peace in the world and conversion of sinners.

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