(Photo from Facebook page Yamang Bukid Farm – Palawan)

Still fresh from being recognized as Palawan’s first “agro-tourism” destination by the Department of Tourism (DOT), boasting beds of prepossessing sunflowers and other flora, pesticide-free products, arts and crafts created by eloquent minds and skilled hands, spanking scenery, and one-of-a-kind cultural life experience, The Yamang Bukid Farm in Bacungan village is really the closest place to be if you want to escape the haste and flurry of the urban life.

Just an hour away from the city downtown area, this exciting farm retreat is literally bursting with life that can’t be overlooked by anyone who likes to learn through experience and mediation.

If you’re still doubting, here are Top 5 reasons why The Yamang Bukid Farm is worth your day’s visit.

1. It helps you de-stress. STRESS is your greatest enemy if you’re in the middle of all things, big and small. Studies have said that it is no longer about age or health “as globalization has made the world and every aspect of it competitive”. It can occur to an elementary grader facing issues at school or a young professional because of the demands of their work. So, if you think you can no longer stand the emotional and physical tension, head to The Yamang Bukid Farm and bond with the fresh environment to restore your confidence.

(Photo from Facebook page Yamang Bukid Farm – Palawan)

2. It promotes physical health. According to a study made by Let Nature Feed Your Senses (LNFYS) in the United Kingdom, “There is now strong evidence of the positive impacts of sensory farm visits on health and wellbeing…” Looking at green things like leaves and trees refreshes our eyesight. Listening to soft sounds relaxes our ears. The fresh air strengthens our lungs. Walking gets us invigorated and stretches our idle nerves and muscles. Since time immemorial, exposure to nature has been proven to help reduce the risk of many diseases.

3. It calms the soul. Not only our physique benefits will benefit from spending time on the farm. Our soul, which is composed of our mind, emotions, and will, benefits too. The serenity makes us think clearer and maybe wiser, even. It is good to make decisions when the mind is in a calm state. Are you sad or anxious? Purposely sit under canopy trees and walk along flower beds, and you’ll find yourself happy and satisfied. The farm is also an ideal place to pray. Talk to God instead of just idly sitting by.

(Photo from Facebook page Yamang Bukid Farm – Palawan)

4. It realigns your focus. Being in a lovely setting such as the farm is a great moment to introspect. Reassess your life and your values. Rethink your choices. Are you still on the right track? Are you prioritizing things in your life correctly? Does your career still have a focus, or do you need to make some changes? Take time to reflect.

5. It makes you more creative. Have you missed writing? Or painting? Going back to nature energizes our passion for creativity since we are surrounded by beautiful and naturally artistic sceneries. It makes you want to draw again, to compose music, to sing, paint, or even dance. Why not? The farm environment could bring back the child in you, the child who dreams, chases butterflies, and dances in the rain.

Why not visit the Yamang Bukid Farm today? There’s no entrance fee. There’s great food. Plus, it might just be the therapy you are needing all along.