2020 is lurking in the corner; but before we welcome what the New Year might bring us, let us take a look back on the Top 10 stories we all talked about and hope that we learn the lessons that we can bring onto the next chapter!

10. Vehicular accidents

2019 was flooded with road accidents and oftentimes, they were caused by reckless driving. Let us be more careful out there, Palaweño motorists.

9. Good deeds

Puerto Princesa City and Palawan have always made it to the top frequented places to visit by local and foreign tourists. This year, more than scenic and picture-perfect views, our local drivers who returned lost wallets or personal belongings were living proof that Palaweños are impeccably honest.

8. CHED official drawn ire of Culion

Culion movie, a Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) entry, brought pride by showcasing the hidden gem that is Culion town. This came in with a huge controversy when a certain high ranking CHED official expressed a careless statement that invited reactions from the locals and resulting in the mayor intervening and demanding an apology. The story is now water under the bridge and may we all focus on the bigger story—support and watch Culion movie!

7. Airline fiasco in Batang Pinoy

Batang Pinoy 2019 was hosted by Puerto Princesa City. Thousand young athletes, coaches, and officials gathered for the biggest sports event for under 15 years old. A certain airline company was under hot waters when the Judo defending champions from Baguio were forced to purchase new tickets after the said company failed to inform them of the change in their boarding gate. The story concluded when the airline apologized and agreed to reimburse them for their expenses. Here’s to hoping for better travel next year!

6. Man found dead ashore in Culion town

We’re sorry for the gory pictures we shared online but that was such a great display of how cooperation and compassion can go a long way. When a man was found dead ashore the Culion town, the Palaweños rallied support to identify him and expressed sentiments to the family. There really is nothing we cannot do with our Bayanihan spirit.

5. Team Kuridas sweeps the polls

A local election was held in May 2019 and the current administration retained almost all the seats. The election was also filled with vote-buying allegations and back-and-forth shades thrown by the opposing parties. This only shows how involved Puerto Princesans are when it comes to politics.

4. 7 suspected NPA members nabbed at a checkpoint

Suspected New Peoples’ Army (NPA) suspects were apprehended in October and the story continues as they were set for trial in January 2020. Make sure to subscribe to our page for more updates.

3. Brownout in Batang Pinoy opening program

As the firework display started, the City Sports Complex went dark, but not on purpose though! The locals expressed dismay how PALECO just “embarrassed” the whole city claiming the “brownout capital of the Philippines”. According to the power provider, a snake caused the power outage that night which took hours before the electric supply was resolved.

2. Trike driver offers free rides

Making its way on top 2 is another good deed by a tricycle driver. He went viral as netizens from all over the country shared his pictures offering free rides in celebration of his birthday. Hopefully, this becomes a tradition as it really brought a smile to several Palaweños.

1. Crocodile attacks in Balabac

Balabac, with its pristine waters and picturesque views, became the talk of the town after back-to-back crocodile attacks were reported. According to specialists, the attacks were brought by increasing human settlements in the area—a place that was predominantly habituated by the crocodiles. To the locals of the place, let us exercise extraordinary due care when we go out especially at night.

Here are some honorable mentions:
• The coal-fired power plant in Narra
• President Duterte signed law dividing Palawan


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