Hans Christian Andersen captured my heart’s song with this quote.

Could it be our genes or the environment where we grew up?

As I scroll through my photo gallery, I realized that I spent the past decade exploring new places.

But as I look back into my childhood, I realized I had been traveling since birth. It helped that my father worked in Philippine Airlines for almost 40 years and my parents ensured we explore a new place every summer. Free plane tickets and discounted hotels enabled us to discover more cities and learn about history and geography better than any lecture. It is a privilege we enjoy up to the present.

As I reconnect with my father’s family in the United States, we concluded that most of the family members are scattered around the world, and the wanderlust trait in the family is so dominant This realization led me to explore our family ancestry. Two months after I submitted my father’s DNA sample, Ancestry confirmed what we long suspected; that my forefathers were among the Spaniards who first arrived in the Philippines. But a quick check with GED match would reveal a more colorful ancestry. I will share more on how to document your lineage in future articles.

What I want to share in the following series of articles is how to plan and make the most of your travels. Let me share how to walk the path that Jesus took from Nazareth to Galilee and Jerusalem. After Jesus’crucifixtion in Jerusalem, join me as I visited the place where Herod decapitated the apostle James and I walked the Camino de Santiago (The way of Saint James) from Saint John Pied de Port in France and culminated in Apostle James’ burial place in Santiago, Spain.

Would you like to know where Apostle John the Beloved, brought Mary, the mother of Jesus after James beheading? Then subscribes to Palawan News and read on.


Dominique’s Bio

They say your name determines your destiny.

If this is so, mine would belong to God as Dominique’s Latin root Dominicus meant the Lord. As fate commanded, my mother was living with the Dominican Sister in Puerto Princesa when she met my father. And as the eldest child, I was entrusted to the care of the Dominican nuns while my mother was teaching in the Holy Trinity College and the Seminario de San Jose.

While I deviated from the family tradition of joining a religious order, the early experience with the Religious life led me to join a Christian organization that followed Jesus in responding to the needs of Syrian refugees, children, and people affected by calamities globally.

A dreamer who loves to write, a mother, a humanitarian and explorer of faith, I live to shine a light on issues ignored by society and to give hope.

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