To celebrate Time’s Up Ateneo’s (TUA) second anniversary, it is inviting everyone to a lecture on Confronting Gender-Based Violence in Pop Culture, which will be comprised of two short lectures that will focus on care, community, and how to forward anti-gender based violence (GBV) in everyday physical and discursive spaces.

The lectures will be followed by breakout kapihan sessions where audience members can have an interactive discussion with the speakers. The event will be held on  October 30, 2021, Saturday from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Register via this link: Links will be sent to registrants a few days before the event.
The first lecture is entitled “The Look of Lust: On the Violence of the Gaze” by Dr. Ninotchka Mumtaj “Taz” Albano. Dr. Albano’s lecture draws attention to gender-based violence implied by the objectifying gaze in pop culture (fashion, movies, media) where spectators take part in objectification, sexualization, and oppression.  
Dr. Albano is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Philosophy at the Ateneo de Manila University. She works on topics in philosophy of art and aesthetics, men’s studies, and philosophy of love and sex, particularly on issues related to feminist aesthetics and objectification. Her current research includes feminist critiques of the body, xenophobia, ruin porn, and boys’ love.
The second lecture is “Cancel Your Darlings: Towards a Shared Reckoning with Fraught Art” by Bee Leung. Her lecture imagines the possibilities of transformative community readership beyond the poles of cancel culture and separating the art from the artist. If we do not want to deny the harm texts and their creators may cause, then we need the right vocabularies and venues to explore what, if anything, there is to be reclaimed.
Bee Leung is a poet and essayist whose works have previously been published in Kritika Kultura, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Plural: Prose Journal, and Heights Ateneo. Her works deal with the construction of narratives and tend to explore history, womanhood, and science. When she isn’t writing or pretending to write, she is currently a graduate student at Colorado State University studying clouds and atmospheric modeling.
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About Time’s Up Ateneo
Time’s Up Ateneo (TUA) is a collective of survivors and advocates fighting against sexual violence and impunity in Ateneo de Manila and beyond. TUA was founded on Oct. 17, 2019, which was right after the Oct. 15, 2019 rally in Ateneo de Manila where around 200 students, alumni, teachers, and parents gathered in the campus to protest against sexual violence and impunity in the university.
Time’s Up Ateneo is working on a community project called the Haliya Network, a network of school-based anti-sexual violence organizations. TUA’s Haliya Network project was awarded a P35,000 grant by the Project Urduja: Empowering Emerging Filipina Leaders. TUA’s 2021 demands to Ateneo are to rectify and apologize for the 23 October 2019 memorandum from the Office of the President of Ateneo, to formally release past survivors from non-disclosure agreements signed with the university, to commit not to weaponize the Data Privacy Act, and to investigate adverse actions against survivors and advocates as retaliation. These demands were released as part of a joint statement ( with the Sanggunian: Commission on Anti-Sexual Misconduct and Violence. Check out TUA’s podcast episodes with Chikang Bayi entitled “Dear Time’s Up Ateneo – Hoy Misogyny, Time’s Up!” ( and “Dear Time’s Up Ateneo – No More Time for Enablers”  ( Read TUA’s Stories of Resistance, Stories of Hope: A Series of Online Testimonials about the October 15, 2019 Protest and the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement in Ateneo (, where survivors and advocates expressed themselves through written pieces, videos, and art. TUA is working on their study “Silenced: Retaliation Against Sexual Violence Survivors and Advocates in Schools”, where TUA interviewed survivors and advocates from different schools about their experiences of retaliation after they disclosed, reported or spoke up about sexual violence. The study was chosen to be presented at the 12th National Conference of the Women’s and Gender Studies Association of the Philippines in 2021. TUA is currently working on writing the paper for the study with the aim of publishing it in a journal.

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