Mon. Oct 14th, 2019


After the dust of the electoral battle dies down and the winner has been proclaimed, it is now time for the people of Puerto Princesa to move on.

While the heat of the recall elections may have caused a lot of wounds, and it might take time to heal, as a people we should set aside partisanship and work together for the development of our beloved city.

The winner has extended his hand of reconciliation to the loser. We might as well follow his lead by shaking the hands of the supporters from the side of the fence.Indeed while politics maybe divisive it can also be a something which we can utilize as a community to work for the good of the people.

We see a slow change in the attitude of the people as evidenced by the recently concluded recall elections. People were already at their polling precincts early. There was the presence of election watchdogs organized by concerned citizens.

It shows that as a people and a community, Puerto Princesa can rise up to the challenge of “politics of involvement.” It is not by leaving to elected officials the governing but in taking part ourselves.

In John 19:30, Jesus said, “Tetelestai”, which meant “It is finished”.

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