The suspects in the shooting of Unitop construction foreman Ricky Robiso. From left Gerardo Cebuano Sr., Rolando Sumbe, and Reynaldo Ordonio. (Photo courtesy of PRO MIMAROPA)

The Roxas municipal police arrested on Friday three men believed to be involved in the shooting and wounding of a foreman supervising a construction project of Unitop Mall in the municipality.

Arrested in connection with the non-fatal shooting of Ricky Robiso, 49, on September 6 were Reynaldo Ordonio, 53, Gerardo Cebuano, Sr., 49, and Rolando Sumbe, 48.

The suspects were arrested during a pursuit operation launched by the Roxas police following the incident.

Left photo shows hooting victim Ricky Robiso at the hospital for the treatment of his wound. Right photo shows the gun that Ordonio used to shoot Robiso. (Photo courtesy of PRO MIMAROPA)

Ordonio, the alleged gunman, and Cebuano were reported to be dismissed workers at the construction site. The police pointed to personal grudge as the suspects’ motive in the shooting of Robiso as the latter was reported to be instrumental in their dismissal from work.

Ordonio had reportedly admitted to the police that he and Cebuano planned the attack on Robiso, while Sumbe reportedly drove Ordonio from the crime scene following the shooting using his tricycle.

Authorities first caught up with Ordonio at the latter’s residence. He admitted to the shooting upon his arrest and pointed to Cebuano as also being involved in the plan.

Cebuano had disappeared from his home a month before the shooting, with his family claiming that he had been kidnapped for a P200,000 ransom by unidentified men.