There’s a story about a preacher whose sermons attracted people of all walks of life. In the church was an elderly who was silently praying the rosary at the back pew during his homily. The preacher thanked God for the gift of eloquence in preaching that changed people’s lives. He was very surprised when one day he heard a voice telling him that it was an elderly person’s silent prayer for him during his homily that moved people’s hearts and not his homily.

Many wonders are brought about by prayer. It is said that great battle maneuvers and triumphs are the product of mind-boggling plans and moves conceived inside the secret war strategy and a planning room. Great ideas for successful business ventures are brewed inside the boardroom. Spectacular light and sound-effects in Broadway shows are the results of the crew’s silently working in the backstage. An old dictum says that ”silent water runs deep.”

There are people who gain respect and admiration not by the loudness of their language but by their silent behavior. Mahatma Gandhi of India considered one of the greatest leaders of all time, led a passive strike to emancipate his people from the cudgels of the British rule through non-violent revolution.

In matters of faith, we are admonished by the Lord to close the door of our room and pray privately to our Father in heaven who sees in secret and rewards us accordingly. He further tells us not imitate the loud prayers of the Pharisees who loved to be seen praying in public with the motive of soliciting admiration and praise, appearing to be pious. In contrast, the Lord admired Publican praying in the temple beating his breast and acknowledging his sins and guilt.

For all you know, your good health and peace of mind are God’s answer to someone’s prayer for you. Mary’s role in listening to the Lord is better than Martha’s homemaking role. Though mystified by what was told her by the Angel, Mary kept all these things silently in her heart.

It is sad to see people engaging in conversation inside the church as if they’re in their office or in the flea market. Inside the adoration chapel, silence is the first commandment. For those who engage in public speaking, a deep and silent reflection of the subject is an effective way for a good speech or sermon than extensive research or study. Try it and it works powerfully.

St. Faustina wrote Jesus words; “ Proclaim that mercy is God’s greatest attribute.” ( Diary 301).

Pray the Divine Mercy every 3 p.m. Daily recite the Chaplet of Mercy and the Holy Rosary for peace in our families and in the world.

Come our Healing Mass at San Vicente Catholic Church every Wednesday at 6 p.m. with the anointing of the blessed oil of San Roque and veneration of his sacred relic.

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