The Destruction of Oneself

Reality can be harsh to us sometimes. It’s a widely known fact that our world isn’t a place full of love, and happy times. It has its fair share of unpleasantries that can really get into someone, and change him for the worse. So, what does one normally do to get away from this cruel reality? With our ever-growing modern technological world, it was only a matter of time before we devised a way to escape to our fantasy world, and that is escapism.

Here’s an experience of mine. I had a fight with someone, and I broke my friendship with her. I regretted it, and I tried to be friends again, but it didn’t go well. I’d watch some anime, and play video games in my room until past 12 AM (I’d even stay awake all night) to forget about it. This made me sleep a lot during class, and I flunked big time in my subjects and was panicking inside, fearing that I’d be dropped from my section. To relieve myself, I would go through the same cycle again in the evening, playing games and staying up. This went on and on and on, and I would have ended up a lot worse sooner or later if I hadn’t gotten a wake-up call from my parents. I realized that I was only giving myself short moments of escapism, neglecting my real life. With some proper guidance and self-effort, I managed to get back on my feet and started changing my ways step by step.

Escapism is any form of activity or entertainment (prime examples are social media and the Internet) that temporarily numbs you from reality. To be fair, escapism isn’t entirely bad. We can’t be laser-focused 24/7 on our responsibilities, so it’s great to relax sometimes. Great examples are recreational activities include reading, and T.V. watching in moderation, playing video games, and using the Internet. You can learn a bunch of stuff from these, and usefully apply new ideas to your life, but abuse escapism, and it’s an illegal drug. The more you intake, the harder it becomes to resist it. You’re fueled by the desire to escape from a life filled with responsibilities and failures you never asked for. With enough repetitions, you’ll be sucked into this fantasy world of yours, until it turns you delusional and makes you feel like you’re living an extravagant life. It gives you an idiotic reason to throw away your own life in exchange for a fake one, which is the same as alienating yourself from society.

Those who misuse escapism are often depressed people who don’t care to try to fix their problems in life, and instead mope like life isn’t worth living. To everyone who uses escapism this way, it isn’t too late for you to reconsider in fixing your life. Don’t run away from your life. You have to accept the ugly truth of reality because sooner or later, we all inevitably have to face it. Fortunately, there are ways to wake yourself up. Interpersonal social interactions help you feel like reality is a good thing, which lessens any need for escapism. Plus, it helps you realize your importance to the people close to you, which can lighten your burden. Learn about and fix the problems that led you to excessive escapism. There are other ways besides these, but the one thing you must possess is self-confidence in order to take the initiative to progress forward to a happy life.


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