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Baragatan sa Palawan 2018 isn’t just about festivities, it also means finding nice things to buy. At “Barakalan sa Baragatan,” you can choose a wide array of locally-produced items from all over the province. In the first article, we featured the first five and this one is to complete our top 10 must-buy stuff at the agro-trade fair.

> Succulents

Thinking of having a new hobby that doesn’t require much of your time? You might want to grow succulents. And good thing they are up for grabs at Halamanan sa Baragatan! These adorable houseplants of different shapes and sizes and colors would also bring a fresh vibe into your office. Just a cool trivia: Succulents help cleanse the air. Although they are low-maintenance, not all of them need the exact same care. It’s best to ask the vendor about ways to better care for a particular kind of a succulent.

> Wine

If you think mango is only good for smoothies, think again. Ever heard of mango wine? Yes, you can find one at Barakalan. There you can buy a bottle of mango wine with 12% alcohol content for P130 to P280. Looking at the label, it’s heartwarming to know they are locally-made and yet sophisticatedly packaged to compete at the international market. Mango wine plus meaningful conversations with your loved ones are bests on a Friday night. But just a friendly reminder: Drink moderately.

> Pickled fish

We don’t know about you but for us nothing beats pickled fish when it comes to appetizers. At Barakalan, you can buy a small jar for P80 to P250. Pickled fish is really mouth-watering when mixed with calamansi and sliced tomatoes. And what better way to feast on grilled or fried fish than having pickled fish on the side, right? For a delectable experience, eat with your hands! As pickled fish is preserved in salt, we remind you, however, that consuming a lot of it will also put your health at risk.

> Pineapple

This cold-and-cough season, eat fruits that can boost your immune system. We suggest you should buy pineapples at Barakalan. And it’s best to buy them for P40/kilo at the booth of Bataraza, which is known for its sweet pineapples. Aside from just eating slices of pineapples, you can also make smoothies out of it. Pineapple is also a favorite ingredient in making a no-bake fridge cake, a comfort food that is perfect for “bed weather.” Of course, we won’t forget that it’s a totally different gastronomic experience when we cook our well-loved adobo with pineapples.

> Bamboo straw

Before, we only knew bamboo as a housing material. But who would’ve thought that the smaller ones can now be used as drinking straws? At Barakalan, you can buy a bamboo straw for less than P10. So you’d ask why bamboo straw? Simply because it’s good for the environment, it doesn’t kill sea turtles and other animals. Compared to plastic straws that took hundreds of years to decompose, bamboo straw is reusable and biodegradable. If you’ll buy one, why not buy more for your family and friends so you can all have a guilt-free sipping?

Did we miss something you think should be in our top 10 must-buy items? Tell us in the comments section below.

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