SCRIBBLES & SNACKS awesome pasta snack with melted cheese on top. (Photo courtesy of Scribbles & Snacks FB Page

There remains some confusion on which generation represents the “Millennial”, people born between 1981-1991 called “Generation Y” or those between 1991-2001 referred to as “Generation Z”. But that’s another story.

This is about restos, bars, cafes, and the likes where the so-called millennials love to hang out for any reason at all, be it an Instagram-worthy post or affordable good food.

This is about dining places that we can also recommend to everyone.

Let’s see if these suggestions from us and the millennials, the so-called “key tastemakers,” will work for you even if you’re part of the Baby Boomers or Generation X.

Not to praise them more highly than is warranted, the millennials in Puerto Princesa City can really bring you GOOD BUSINESS if you know how to give them what they want.

1. SCRIBBLES AND SNACKS – we saw right away why this dining spot along Rizal Avenue has become the-place-to-be and to-be-seen-on-Instagram for the millennials. The murals on its walls, paintings on display, the wood sculptures — everything about it is art. Being members of the “Arts on the Move” group, its owners advocate the preservation and revival of local arts in Palawan, and their resto brings out that passion effectively. Made of light indigenous materials, this place is all about that relax-do-whatever-you-want vibe — never intimidating. If you like pasta and pizza, this writer swears this is the place to be for that gastronomic encounter. It has a variety of dishes on its menu, so tasting all of them means don’t just try them once.

Scribbles & Snacks (Photo borrowed

Location: At the back of Best Western Plus.

2. iHOB – this is the preferred place for crepe lovers and healthy tea drinkers. Plus, don’t forget your soft spot for yogurts, smoothies, and coffee blends — they have them all! The bright and cheery ambiance of the store matches the “Berry-good” slogan it advertises. If you roll your daily life (sige, every three days) guided by insanely funny but on point hugot lines, this place has them for you. But it’s really the thin, light, delicate crepes we want you to try. Go try the sweet crepes serve with jams or fruit and can be enjoyed at breakfast or as a snack or dessert.

iHOB (Photo borrowed from

Location: Empire Suites, Rizal Avenue

3. VR CAFÉ (now Nomnom Comfort Food) – offers food and drinks combined with the experience to virtually compete inside a video game. The simulated reality will make you forget the real world and make you believe that you are standing face-to-face with your computer-generated opponent. Just recently, this virtual cafe launched the “Open Mic Nights” to encourage poets and spoken words enthusiasts to just express themselves.

VR CAFÉ now Nomnom Comfort Food (Photo borrowed from

Location: Baltan Street

4. McCoy’s PIZZA HOUSE – Palaweños know this place by heart because of its home-grown pizzas. Every millennial, their parents, and their (equally millenial) friends have probably shared a brick-oven style pizza or some uniquely-flavored pasta recipes in its two branches. If they are “nagtitipid”, then they are probably too familiar with the renowned “ala pobre” entrees. If you’re dining on a budget, this is the place to be. Don’t forget to order that Chicken in a Basket we love so much for its own truly Palawan appeal.

McCoy’s Pizza House, SM City Puerto Princesa (Photo borrowed from

Location: National Highway, Barangay San Miguel and SM City Puerto Princesa

5. STARRY NIGHT – this food place appears to be among the favorites of students and those taking up their master degrees. If you’re up to it, this resto has board games for those who want to take a break from their electronic gadgets. Not to dishearten those who prefer to make their online projects and assignments, the Wifi here is a useful main attraction for them.

“Out of all na puwedeng tambayan, ito po sa tingin ko ‘yong medyo comfortable. Masarap din naman ‘yong pagkain and may Wifi so okay din talaga sa mga nag-stu-study,” said Regina May, a student of Palawan State University (PSU).

Starry Night (Photo borrowed from

Location: Barangay San Pedro

6. NEVA’S PLACE – this place is among the well-loved restaurants by the millennials in the city not only because of its fairly priced brick-oven pizza and interesting pasta dishes but also due to its fresh ambiance. Surrounded by garden plants and some trees that provide shade on a hot day, it is also sought-after for having the best seafood chowder, binagoongang baboy (pork belly stewed in shrimp paste), and adobo ni nanay. If you visit there, let us know where you’ll find the birds.

Neva’s Place (

Location: Taft Street

7. ITOY’S COFFEE HAUS – here’s our favorite vintage-themed place for cozy ambiance and good coffee in downtown Puerto Princesa. It’s most-liked because of that pleasant kinda neighborhood environment where you’ll feel welcome to have lots and lots of conversation with your friends and family (or simply eavesdrop, hahaha!) while you’re all having your favorite blends. Try the place and get acquainted with coffee like Kapeng Halo ni Eving, Butchie’s Special kahlua frappe, Charlie Brown white frappucino named after Mayor Lucilo Bayron. Also, try their Sizzling Bulalo with a tasty and creamy mushroom sauce.

Itoy’s Coffee Haus (Photo borrowed from Merselle Agustin Monserate —

Location: Along Rizal Avenue

8. MAYAD CAFÉ – is another simple yet Palawan-pride coffee shop in the City Coliseum area. This place is popular among the millennials because coffee becomes more interesting with cool acoustic music in the background. “Mayad” is a Cuyunon word that means “good” or “pleasant”, a perfect name for a coffee house that was born out of good camaraderie. And there’s really nothing like having your favorite Mayad coffee blend in a park setting. So if you’ve overloaded yourself with all that pork fat, head to the place and get your dessert filling of their best-selling calamansi cake with a good frappe.

Mayad Cafe (Photo borrowed from

Location: Near the City Coliseum

9. MISS TEA CAFE – we bet you’ll love this tea house because of its lovely interior set up and its really adorable and best-tasting cakes. Let’s talk about you and your sweet tooth! Have you made any personal achievement lately? Don’t let that pass without celebrating your efforts (tsk!) — head to this place and order yourself a nice slice of one of their creamy versions of classic desserts and other top-rated cakes. Celebrate!

Miss Tea Cafe (Photo borrowed from

Location: Along the national highway in Barangay San Pedro

10. SABIE BAKES – they say “good things come in small packages and cupcakes are the proof.” Yup, we believe that too, that’s why we frequent this cupcake place at the SM City Puerto Princesa. Millennials often meet up here because of their affordable (quality and taste not compromised) rice meals. But that’s really not the only thing there is about Sabie Bakes. What draws the millennials in this cupcake spot is also because it has an Internet connection.

Sabie Bakes (Photo borrowed from

Location: 3rd Level of SM City PPC

If you have your own suggestions, let us know and we’ll try them soon!

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