Zoe Gabriel, the 17-year-old Filipina living in Singapore who was bashed by netizens for calling her first Charles & Keith bag a “luxury brand,” has been appointed as one of its ambassadors.

In an Instagram post on March 4, the company introduced Gabriel as the campaign model for the newly released purple Alia bag in support of the UN Women’s Storytelling for Gender Equality initiative.

Gabriel also shared this milestone on her Instagram page with a caption, “Women are like flowers: our time and needs to grow may not always align, but that is okay. We are like fields of poppy and lakes of lotus—diverse and bold in our differences, beautiful in our own ways.”

“This International Women’s Day, let us celebrate with compassion. Let us celebrate with equality through equity, the way flowers do,” she captioned her photo.

The Singaporean fashion house, on its post on IG, captioned Zoe’s photo “Content Creator and CHARLES & KEITH’s Brand Community Ambassador, with the purple Alia bag.”

Netizens defended the Filipina teenager in January, after a video of her showing off her first “luxury” bag, an $80 (P4,390) Charles and Keith tote, went viral. Zoe. She was lambasted by critics who argued that Charles & Keith is not a luxury brand.

In the same month, she was invited for a private tour at the fashion houses headquarters and was given two personalized iconic Gabine bags.