Photo from PPCWD

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) extended technical assistance in the development of a hydraulic model for the Puerto Princesa City Water District (PPCWD) water system.

USAID provided a series of training sessions and activities conducted last year, facilitated by CEST Incorporated, a Manila-based multidisciplinary consultancy firm.

The hydraulic model provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the PPCWD Water System, integrating all pipelines and appurtenances into a digitalized system map.

CEST, Inc.’s Engr. Jubie Franz Fortuito emphasized the importance of the hydraulic model, describing it as a digital replica of the PPCWD Water System.

He explained that the model captures intricate details of the system’s components, including water sources, treatment plants, reservoirs, pump stations, and distribution networks.

The model also enables the PPCWD team to gain insights into the dynamics of the water system, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient planning.

With comprehensive training in hydraulic modeling, the PPCWD engineers are now well-equipped to leverage this model for optimizing and enhancing the water system’s performance.

Engr. Nimrod Sagun from the PPCWD Planning and Design Division highlighted the advantages of this digital representation, as it allows for in-depth system analysis and evaluation.