The treasurer’s office of the province has forfeited 37 real properties in the municipalities of Coron and Busuanga during its public auction recently due to the owners’ failure to settle corresponding taxes, penalties, and interests.

In a statement released Wednesday by the Office of the Provincial Treasurer (OPT), through the Provincial Information Office (PIO), it was reported that the real properties forfeited on May 15 and 16 are located in the barangays of Bogtong, Buluang, Cheey, Concepcion, New Busuanga, Sagrada, and Sto. Niño in Busuanga, while others are in Decabobo, Decalachao, Guadalupe, Poblacion 4, and Poblacion 6 in Coron, consisting of agricultural and residential lands.

Provincial Treasurer Elino Mondragon, who also chairs the Committee on Public Auction, led the event. The committee members included Provincial Assessor Euvica Colbe, Provincial General Services Office OIC Mercy Bontao, Atty. Mary Joy Cascara of the Provincial Legal Office, and the committee secretariat.

It was explained that the OPT auctioned off the properties because the owners had failed to pay the taxes, penalties, and interests that were associated with them prior to the day of the public auction. In accordance with Section 263 of Republic Act 7160, these properties will be transferred to the government’s ownership in the event that no buyers arise during the auction.

The OPT said the “forfeited properties can still be redeemed by the owners or their representatives from the provincial government if the total amount of real property tax, corresponding interest, and cost of sale is paid within one year from the issuance date of the declaration of forfeiture by the Provincial Treasurer. If not paid within the specified period, ownership will be permanently transferred to the Provincial Government.”

Mondragon continues to remind property owners to pay their real property tax on time and not to wait for it to reach a public auction sale or be declared forfeited in favor of the Provincial Government.

Meanwhile, the deadline for paying the real property tax for the 2nd Quarter of the year is from April 1 to June 30, 2024.