T-back, G-strings ban now a proposed ordinance

Board Member Cherry Pie Acosta says the proposed measure only bans the prohibited clothing when tourists are in full view of the public.

The resolution discouraging tourists from wearing thongs, T-backs, and G-strings in Palawan beaches and other public places is now a proposed ordinance and will be imposed with corresponding sanctions on violators if it passes the provincial legislature.

Board Member Cherry Pie Acosta, who authored the original resolution now filed as an ordinance, said the proposed measure only bans the prohibited clothing when tourists are in full view of the public.

She said tourists may wear their preferred clothing while swimming but should cover their bodies when they are in full view of the public.

“It’s not totally ipinagbabawal. Pagkatapos (maligo) ay takpan basta they are not exposing the whole body. Aminin man natin o hindi karamihan naman sa atin ay mga konserbatibo pa rin, kahit gaano kaganda ang ating katawan ay may tamang papanamit pa rin,” Acosta said.

The proposed ordinance will be implemented within the jurisdiction of the Palawan and will apply to all residents, tourists both local and foreign.

The proposal also stated that barangays should place signages or posters in tourist arrival areas such as a bus terminal informing them of the prohibition of wearing the prohibited clothing.

Also, resort owners will be responsible for the information dissemination within their premises, particularly in entrance and exit areas.

The penalty for violators ranges from P1,000 to P3,000.

The proposed ordinance also provides that 30 percent of the collected penalty will be given to the person who reported the case to the barangay or tourism center and the balance will be deposited to a trust fund intended for the barangay or municipal environmental management program.

“Gusto natin na mabigyan ng ngipin ang nasabing ordinansa, kaya ang 30 percent ay mapupunta doon sa magsusumbong at 70 percent environmental management program. Kahit papaano alam natin na makakatulong ito. Sa mga turista naman tingin ko susunod naman sila kasi sa realidad saying naman ang P1,000,” she said.

Acosta has also filed a resolution urging local governments to post visible announcements in public places prohibiting “lewd activities” in beach resorts and similar places.

Acosta said the ordinance will not discourage tourists from coming to Palawan.

“I don’t think it will affect the influx of tourist dito. Tayo ba ay pupunta sa isang lugar para lang i-expose ang ating mga butts o pumunta tayo para makita kung ano ang mayroon sa isang lugar. Tingin ko hindi naman ‘yon ang choice of visiting ng ating mga turista na para lang magsuot ng T-backs or thongs,” Acosta said.

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