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The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the disbarment of a lawyer for gross immorality after abandoning his wife and family in order to cohabit with another woman.

In a per curiam (unanimous) resolution uploaded December 4, the high court found lawyer Allan Contado guilty of violating the Code of Professional Responsibility and disbarred him from the practice of law.

“It is well-settled that a married person’s abandonment of his or her spouse to live with and cohabit with another constitutes gross immorality as it amounts to either adultery or concubinage,” the SC ruled.

The case arose from an administrative complaint filed by Crisanta Hosoya, who filed a petition for disbarment in February 2015 against Contado, her erstwhile live-in partner.

Hosaya said she agreed to move in with Contado after the latter said he had already separated from his legal wife.

They have two children, born in 2011 and 2013.

However, she discovered that the lawyer had other affairs and even impregnated some of them.

When financial problems arose, Hosaya said the lawyer left her, took her vehicle, and did not support their children.

Contado denied the allegations, which he said were meant to exact revenge for a relationship gone sour.

He confirmed he was already separated from his wife when he met Hosaya.

As for the car, Contado claimed it was in Balangkayan, Eastern Samar, and no longer road-worthy for a trip back to Manila.

Subsequently, Contado said Hosaya threatened to ruin his reputation and he provided receipts of money and supplies sent to their children.

“Atty. Contado likewise admitted the fact of his relationship with Crisanta, while being married to his wife. In so admitting, he effectively admitted to living a life of deceit and immorality,” the tribunal said. (PNA)

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