Students undergo internship with RTNMC

Interns from reputable universities in the country chose RTNMC as their training ground to become responsible mining engineers in the future.

Ten Mining Engineering students from various reputable universities in the country underwent internship at RTNMC to orient them on the various aspects of mining operations.

The students were from Saint Louis University (SLU) – Baguio, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), Saint Paul University in Surigao and Caraga State University.

For the past years, RTNMC has encouraged junior miners from Palawan and other places to observe and learn from actual mining operations and activities.

Cherry Salanga, training and recruitment specialist of the company, said that early this year, the company accommodated about 20 students from different universities at the company’s cost. The period of internship ran from April to August.

“We have entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between selected universities in the country allowing selected students to undergo internship in RTNMC. And we offer free accommodations and airfare for the interns,” said Salanga,

The internship program of the company is also regarded as pool for job hires as the company’s need arises.

“As a responsible mining firm, we want to show potential training ground, hoping we can prioritize them for employment” said Salanga.

There are five males and five female junior engineers luckily experienced Rio Tuba’s responsible mining in less than 2 months.

“From the time I arrived here at Rio tuba, and even until this moment, I am still fascinated on the idea that it is a small barangay yet the people here seems happy and contented in their lives. The town site is very clean, people are aware of all the rules and regulations, and everything is in place. I can see how CBNC and RTNMC affect the lives of the people here by providing them their needs. Through this, they have proven that they deserve the title of being the face of a responsible mining company in the Philippines”, said Bienalyn Martinez of University of Southeastern Philippines

Asking why they chose RTNMC for their internship,  Joe Pris Calpito, student from Saint Louis University said that he sees RTNMC as an ideal place for him to apply the theories he gained from the university.

“I chose RTNMC for my OJT for its reputation of being a role model of responsible mining. Because of this, RTNMC is the ideal place for me to see the theories I learned from the university be used in actual practice” said Calpito.

A culminating activity for the interns was conducted last August 5, 2017.

RTNMC is a major world class producer of nickel ore operating in Bataraza, Palawan and is a subsidiary company of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC).

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