A group of college students has organized a program dubbed as “Share-A-Load” to solicit load donations online and help students struggling financially to cope with internet costs for their online classes.

Tristan Derek Deles, College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) college student government governor at Palawan State University (PSU), said that the student organizations under different course programs in CAH have conducted a pre-assessment to potential beneficiaries.

He said that based on their study, a significant sector of the college’s student population struggle with having sufficient internet data to participate in online classes, typically Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Under the scheme that they developed, the student in need will be given enough data load to use for several days to maximize the donations they have collected.

“We would do it po equally sa five college organizations namin. Like 20 students per five organizations. If maganda naman ang outcome ng donation drive baka mag-conduct kami ng parang second wave for this assistance na galing sa donors,” he said.

CAH is a home college of course programs in Communication Arts, Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, and Philippine Studies.

The program is in line with the comprehensive plan for academic year of 2020 to 2021 of the college council to also help fellow students struggling to adapt the new normal set-up of classes. PSU is using a blended learning scheme which is a combination of modular and online classes.

“Nakakaapekto siya in a way na talagang necessity na ngayon na magkaroon ng access sa digital platforms. Though, the university implements blended learning, modular and online learning, it is still crucial pa din on the part of the students kasi at the end of the day, may advantage and may certain privilege ‘yong talagang nakakasabay online,” he said.

He said that this is crucial on their part as students especially there are quizzes with limited time and for their upcoming midterm examination.

Deles added that based on their initial assessment, about 25 percent of the student population in CAH is struggling to cope with the online method of learning.

“Talagang struggle po ito para kay student to cope up. Kahit sabihin na mayroong another alternative for learning, which is modular, still, participation in online classes and activities is a different matter in terms of the set-up of education delivery na meron kami,” he said.

“I think mga nasa 25 percent ng population namin, based on the initial assessment namin. Ito ‘yong mga may need ng assistance dahil hindi nakakasabay or hirap makasabay. Medyo hindi naman ganon kalaki ang numbers pero kahit meron lang isang estuyante na hindi makasabay, it is still a matter of concern on the part of the student government,” he added.

Deles shared that aside from their initiative, the university student government body is also working on helping fellow students through load assistance.

Since the lower council has no supplemental funds available as of the moment, he said that the amount to be accumulated from the donors will be the basis on how much load they could distribute to potential beneficiaries.

“Bale ‘yong amount na ipapadala sa GCash is i co-convert sa load. Sa pasaload naman walang magiging problema. May dalawang storage simcards na different networks na naka standby for the donations,” he said.

Interested donors may send any amount of donations to the following numbers via GCash or Pasaload: Smart- 09083186419; Globe- 09060597155; and GCash- 09664357577.