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The Social Security System (SSS) announced that there are 40.49 million covered members as of April 2021, allowing it to expand social security protection services to more individuals, particularly in times of contingencies

About 76 percent or 30.77 million are employed members, while 5.03 million are voluntary paying members, 3.35 million are self-employed members, and 1.34 million are Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) members.

“Our rapidly increasing membership base signifies that SSS is a basic necessity for working Filipinos. They have realized that social security protection is an investment and insurance, rather than a financial burden. Once covered by SSS, members can avail of benefits and loan privileges, thereby providing them adequate safety nets. This benefit even extends to their legal beneficiaries who can receive the SSS benefits of a deceased member,” SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio said.

Actively paying members are allowed to claim benefits for sickness, maternity, disability, unemployment, retirement, death, and funeral. They are also qualified to avail of various loan program offerings for salary, calamity, educational, and social development, while retiree pensioners can apply for a pension loan.

To become an SSS member, an applicant must obtain a Social Security (SS) Number through the My.SSS Portal in the website or through the SSS Mobile App.

For an SS number to be permanent and to avail of various SSS benefits and privileges, new members are required to upload supporting documents like the PSA-certified birth certificate, marriage contract (if married), or baptismal certificate (if with children) in the online SS number application in the SSS Website.

“We also enhanced the online application of SS numbers so that members don’t have to personally visit our branches to submit the supporting documents. Aside from that, they can also submit requests for simple corrections and upload required documents through their My.SSS account for the number to be permanent,” added Ignacio.

The complete list of documentary requirements for updating of member record status from “temporary” to “permanent” can be found in the SSS Member Data Change Request Form
Registrants who ​recently applied for an SS number online will be given a link to activate their My.SSS account registration under the 2-in-1 SS number online application.

“The convenience and comfort brought by our online and mobile platforms are the main reasons non-members apply for SSS coverage. Aside from obtaining an SS number, members and employers may skip long queues in branches as the majority of services such as benefit and loan applications, contribution payments, Payment Reference Number (PRN) generation, updating of membership information, as well as viewing of contribution, loan records, and loan and benefit claim status can now be done via My.SSS and Mobile App,” added Ignacio.

The SSS chief also reminded self-employed, voluntary, and OFW members to pay their SSS contributions regularly to ensure eligibility to benefits and loan privileges. 

“Members can generate their PRN via My.SSS account and SSS Mobile App. They can also request for a PRN via Text SSS by texting the required keywords to 2600,” Ignacio said. 

With the current online platforms in place, rest assured that we will continue to expand and improve our services for the benefit of our members. We added maternity benefit application (MBA) and maternity benefit reimbursement application (MBRA) as part of the portfolio of electronic services under the My.SSS Portal starting May 31, 2021, while the mandatory submission will be on September 1, 2021,” Ignacio concluded.