You know you’ve found the one when, every time you’re together, the hours just melt away, even when you’re just lounging around. Bad days instantly become better because of their presence.

We all have different love languages, but there’s just something about going out of town with your special someone that brings excitement and fun, not to mention that our country has natural wonders and tourist spots in spades.

Choosing a destination can sometimes be overwhelming. So why not go to a place where you can enjoy and relax at the same time, whether you’re in for the adventure or just want to chill around? Of course, one of the places that first comes to mind is Palawan. If this is your first time going to this wonderful province or you’re just looking for things to do while you’re there, here are some ideas that you should definitely consider: Go with the crystal-clear flow

The whole world knows how great Palawan’s natural wonders are, but the planning involved to make the most of your stay can be quite challenging, especially for a busy couple booking a last-minute romantic getaway. It’s a good thing that there are hotels like Alvea that offer tour packages to take the burden of making an itinerary out of your hands.

Discover the captivating beauty that is Palawan through Alvea Hotel’s various tour packages that let you go island hopping in Honda Bay and in El Nido. If you’re a couple who likes to explore, then a tour of Puerto Princesa’s Underground River is right up your alley. The Alvea Hotel also offers a half-day tour package that lets you immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage that Puerto Princesa has to offer.

Surprise your significant other with a romantic riverboat cruise along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers and enjoy a scenic view illuminated by fireflies—a perfect setting for a romantic date or even a proposal. This enchanting experience will surely win the heart of your date, and Alvea Hotel can help make it happen.

Capture picture-perfect memories
From the moment you step out of the Alvea Hotel to take a stroll, you’ll be greeted with an amazing view of Puerto Princesa Baywalk Park, where you can snap some shots, not to mention the lesser-known locations in Puerto Princesa that also deserve a spotlight, like Baker’s Hill, Mitra’s Ranch, Palawan Tribal Village, and Butterfly Garden.

A backdrop of powdery white sand and glistening waters would complement your tan lines well. As the saying goes, “it’s on social media or it didn’t happen,” so don’t let the amazing scenery of Palawan go to waste; take lots of IG-worthy couple pictures and showcase your chemistry to the whole world—in the most aesthetic way possible.

Relax and enjoy each other’s company
Staying in and doing nothing with the person you love is sometimes just as fun as visiting different tourist destinations. One good thing about not having plans is that you can enjoy the day at your own pace. On days when you don’t feel like going out, you can still enjoy your stay in Alvea in many ways.

Welcome the new day with a sumptuous and filling breakfast served buffet-style from their in-house restaurant. Afterwards, you can binge watch classics from Rom-Coms to your favorite K-dramas since all rooms in the Alvea Hotel are equipped with ultra-comfy beds and smart TVs.

Nothing works better at relieving stress than a good massage. You can also enjoy your stay by booking a couple’s massage. And just like binge watching, you don’t have to leave your room to make it happen since they offer this service in-room. Leave all your worries behind by enjoying every moment spent with your loved one.

No date would be complete without a romantic dinner, and Alvea has just the place for it! Located on the ground floor of the Alvea Hotel is Le Petit Café. Their menu consists of popular French dishes and pastries, but they also offer coffee, Filipino breakfast silog meals, and even wine and spirits, so you can toast to your love for each other.

People express their love in different ways. No matter where you go or the activities you do, as long as you’re with the right person, everything becomes special. But if you’re looking to celebrate an unforgettable out-of-town trip, then the Alvea Hotel is an ideal location where many picturesque places are easily accessible. In fact, even the hotel itself is just a 10-minute drive away from Puerto Princesa International Airport.

You can make any day Valentine’s Day by booking a room now at Alvea Hotel through their website at For inquiries, you may call 0917 825 6841 or (048) 716-5170. Alvea Hotel is located at 110 Rizal Avenue, Brgy. Magkakaibigan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Check out their Facebook page at

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