Following her highly successful “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in 2022, South Korean actress Park Eun-bin will once again grace the screens of her fans in the Philippines through a new television series titled “Castaway Diva,” which will be available on Netflix starting October 28.

The official teaser for the series was dropped on September 28, building excitement for its release. “Castaway Diva” comprises 12 episodes and will conclude on December 3, 2023.

In contrast to her role as a lawyer with autism in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Park Eun-bin will portray a different character in “Castaway Diva.” In this new television series, she takes on the role of Seo Mok Ha, a girl who vanished during her middle school years and is discovered on a deserted island after being missing for 15 years.

Seo Mok Ha had always dreamed of becoming a singer, but her life took a drastic turn when she went missing and had to survive alone on the island for a decade and a half. Being rescued from her solitary life is one thing, but adjusting to modern society presents its own challenges for Seo Mok Ha.

The teaser for “Castaway Diva” offers glimpses of the island as clouds part to reveal it from the sky. As the view approaches the audience, the word “SOS” appears in the sand on the beach, and Seo Mok Ha’s narration begins, introducing herself as a castaway. She describes herself as someone seemingly forgotten on the island. The scenes shift, showing her swimming, interacting with island birds, and narrating that she sees her future self.

Transitioning from the island’s fleeting moments and Seo Mok Ha’s introduction as a castaway, the teaser then transports viewers to a brightly illuminated stage. Here, she stands at the center, addressing her fans. In the backdrop, her potent singing voice reverberates, as she grasps a microphone, her melodic notes harmonizing with the scene.

In “Castaway Diva,” Park Eun-bin undergoes a noticeable transformation in her appearance. Unlike her character in the previous series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” who had bangs, her new role presents her without them, enabling her face to remain visible despite her long hair.

The screenwriter for the series is Park Hye Ryun, and it is directed by Oh Choong Hwan. Park Eun-bin will be joined by a cast that includes Kim Hyo Jin, Chae Jong Hyeop, Cha Hak Yeon, Kim Joo Heon, and others.

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