(L-R) Cosmic Girls' Dayoung, Lovelyz' Yung Jein, and Kim Jaehwan (first row). Woo Jiwon, Kim Yohan, and Lee Youngpyo (second row). // Google photos

The Seoul Broadcasting System’ (SBS) popular reality-documentary show “Law of the Jungle” is set to shoot upcoming episodes in Palawan in the middle of this month for March airing, according to the online portal Koreaboo.

Law of the Jungle is a television show that illustrates how South Korean celebrities try to get through life in the wilds in remote areas around the world.

Koreaboo reported this week that among South Korean celebrities who will travel to the province are Kim Jaehwan, former member and main vocalist of the KPop boy group Wanna One; Jung Yein, member of the girl group Lovelyz; Dayoung of the Cosmic Girls; former football player Lee Youngpyo; volleyball player Kim Yohan, and Woo Jiwo.

The report did not say how many episodes they will film in Palawan, where, and until when they will stay, but it said it is not the first time for the Law of the Jungle to shoot in the Philippines.

The show had already visited in the province in 2012 and in 2013 in Mindoro.

The reality show became controversial in Thailand in June 2019 when actress Lee Yeol-eum faced the possibility of being imprisoned for allegedly catching and eating three protected giant clams.


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