The “Race for Water”, a seacraft that runs purely on a combination of solar energy and hydrogen technology, is set to visit Palawan in September as part of its global campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution to the marine environment.

The catamaran vessel, developed by the international group Race for Water Foundation’ (RFW), will be in Puerto Princesa City from September 17 to October 6, 2019, to also “propose local solutions to the global problem” by presenting a machine which turns plastic waste into electric energy called the “Biogreen”.

In a letter invitation for a media conference aboard ambassador vessel, the organizer of the event described the vessel as a unique ambassador for energy transition because of its combined “solar-hydrogen-kite propulsion system.”

RFW hopes that its five-year odyssey around the world “will demonstrate the existence of practical solutions for preserving the oceans”.

RFW said the visit of the vessel also hopes to raise the awareness of the world that the the actions it is taking on land to resolve garbage problems can also be done in the oceans, rivers, and lakes.

It said it is accelerating energy transition by showing that R4F “powered by a mixture of solar-hydrogen-kite energies can complete a remarkable odyssey around the globe from 2017 to 2021.

The RWF was created in 2010 by Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni to fight against plastic pollution in the oceans of the world.

He created it in Lausanne out of his passion for the sea and decided in 2015 to launch a scientific and environment expedition called the “Race for Water Odyssey” to make a global assessment of plastic pollution in the oceans.

Among the activities during the ambassador vessel’s stay in the city are a press conference and tour of the vessel, workshop on “Plastic Waste to Energy” on September 24, and all-day school visits hosted on board on October 3.

The vessel will first travel to Malaysia before it arrives in the Philippines. On October 6, it will depart from Palawan to Hong Kong.