SOFRONIO ESPAÑOLA, Palawan — The Sangguniang Bayan here has approved the measure that amended c in relation to their town’s c being managed by the Municipal Economic Enterprise and Development Office (MEEDO).

The passing of the amendment to change the water rates on February 3, said co-author and councilor Nokel Galan, was aimed at getting water services better.

“̏We amended this ordinance para baguhin ang mga rates ng tubig natin at dagdagan [o bawasan] kung may kinakailangan para mas lalong mapaganda ang services nito,ˮ Galan said to Palawan News.

Among the amendments were a 10 percent deduction from the air discharge of the system passing through the water meters of residential, industrial, and institutional and government consumers.

Galan said the rates will be automatically deducted from their bills.

He said they did not alter the flat rates for residential and commercial consumers, but they deducted P4 from the P27 rate of 16 cubic meters and above consumption of water by institutional and government consumers.

The flat rate for residential is P200 per minimum consumption, and P250 also for commercial, and institutional and government consumers.

Bernardo said the reconnection which is P250 has been increased to P500 because the prices of maintenance, labor, and materials have gone up. But the P1,500 application rate will remain the same.

The municipal council said it will order the MEEDO to implement the water rates by March 2020.


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