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Some mistake introverts as those who prefer the sanctuary of their bedroom over human contact almost bordering anti-social behavior. In reality, introverts are those who prefer the sanctuary of their minds. Now, I don’t know if I’m the right person to discuss this, but I have taken enough internet quizzes to be 89% sure that I’m an authentic introvert. So, here goes.


Our Humans


We have a carefully selected group of humans that we consider as part of our lives. We have reached or achieved a comfort level with them that we can’t normally have with others.


The Outside


It’s not that we don’t like public places, it’s just that it takes us a long time to reach a comfort level while being surrounded by strangers who are potentially serial killers or people with ill-intent. We’re not judgmental. It’s just that we have a very active imagination. We see social situations as an A-Z kind of thing. How are we going to greet this person? Do we do a half-wave? No, that would come off as weak. Or maybe an audible, “Hi, how are you?” No, we might mess up the words. Maybe we’ll just check our phones or feign distraction or subtly hide. No, people might think we’re snubs. Greeting someone doesn’t come easy for us. It’s a test and it’s very draining. It’s also difficult for us to remember names of new people we meet. If you ask me, the world would be a better place if we wear nametags.


We fail at small talk. We don’t like impromptu conversations with strangers. I remember one time when I was checking out scissors, a person out of the blue, without warning or provocation, asked me about pencils. I replied and did a 360 degree turn as I backed away from her. Still, we yearn for meaningful conversations.


We may come off as creepy because we like observing our environment. I wonder what that person is thinking. The weather is lovely today. I want pizza. We watch rather than participate. We also don’t like crowded places. There are too many wandering sets of eyes. We love our personal space too much.


Privacy is one of our many needs because we are self-conscious. We’d rather do most of our activities privately. Going out? Maybe we can go to somewhere private? Want to learn something new? Maybe you can teach us privately? Every situation that can be made private should be made private. This is an introvert’s law.


Routine versus Adventure


We love routine. Our everyday life goes through a process, but it doesn’t mean we’re allergic to change. You just have to tell us beforehand. We’re not boring. In fact, we’re very open to adventures. There are so many things we want to experience like bungee jumping, scuba diving, and cliff diving or going places we haven’t been. But we might cancel because canceling the thing we were supposed to do is quite satisfying.


We simply love a few things like our parents, our house, our pets, other people’s pets, animals in general, comfortable clothing, secluded places, books, music, the internet, and food. We thrive on ideas and fantasy, but please don’t see us as weird. This is just how we are.      










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