Image courtesy of Palawan Maritime Pulis SOU II


The Rio-Tuba detachment of the 2nd Special Operations Unit-Maritime Group (2nd SOU-MG) in Bataraza recently apprehended a declared total of over P300,000 worth of smuggled cigarettes and gasoline from two men Tuesday in Barangay Rio Tuba.

The items were confiscated in two separate instances — September 8 and 9.

The first to be apprehended was a person identified as Saliakbar Salli Kilong, 32, who was transporting 10 boxes of undocumented cigarettes when he was caught in Sitio Canumay on September 8. Authorities placed the value of the contraband at P220,000 including the tricycle that was being driven by the suspect.

The following day, authorities nabbed another person identified as Madtahil Hiyahiya Jumaran, 45, who was transporting 15 containers of gasoline in Barangay Sandoval.

The smuggled items were believed to have come from the Malaysian province of Kudat near Balabac.

Image courtesy of Palawan Maritime Pulis SOU II

Confiscated from Jumaran were his tricycle carrying the gasoline and the 15 containers filled with more or less 30 liters each, all in all with a total of P141,000.00

The apprehended persons were brought to 2nd SOU-MG Rio Tuba Detachment for documentation and proper disposition.

The operations were led by P/Cms Richard P Rodriguez, under the supervision of P/Lt. Col. Eufrocino Morrera, commander, 2nd SOU-MG.