Zach Leong (left photo), the business owner of Baker's Heart in Singapore, presents Erma (right photo) with a Christmas gift that allows her to spend the holidays with her two children (middle photo). | Photos from Zach Leong's Facebook account and shared video

Christmas came early for Erma, an overseas Filipino worker in Singapore who, thanks to her employer, was reunited with her two children in time for the holidays.

Her employer, Zach Leong, posted a touching video of the family’s happy reunion on his Facebook account on December 6.

Leong who owns Baker’s Heart in Singapore according to his social media account, said it has been almost six years since Erma last saw her family as a result of the circumstances that were made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our helper Erma hasn’t seen and be with her two kids, Liezel [and] Liezoo, for almost 6 years. Finally, COVID restrictions has been loosen[ed] and [she’s] supposed to go back for one month to be with her kids. But… my wife and my second son is leaving for Europe for the whole of December till 03 Jan. Therefore, it will be almost mission impossible for me to take care of the other two little ones and all the house chores,” he said in his post.

“I’ve no choice [but] to tell Erma that I find it hard to let her go back to her kids for one month! And hope that she can postpone it to June 2023. She spoke to her kids and told me that it’s ok, she’ll postpone to June 2023,” Leong added.

Leong noted that the Filipinos place a high value on the holiday seasons of Christmas and New Year as a time for family celebration that’s why he didn’t mind when disappointment showed on Erma’s face when they talked about it.

However, he believes that God touched his heart and provided him with a suitable solution for their beloved housekeeper.

“God touched my heart telling me that there must be another alternative for this matter. And that’s when an idea struck me! She might not be able to go back [to] Phillipines to be with her kids, [but] maybe we could bring her kids to Singapore to spend their holidays with their mommy and us!” he said.

“I discussed this with my wife and we were so thrilled wanting to bless Erma and her kids for this holiday and eager to see this to happen,” he added.

When Erma was told the news, she burst into tears of surprise and joy. Her children, she said, have never flown or traveled internationally.

Leong stated that the amount they had to spend on tickets, passports, and other items was far less than his initial estimate, but it was their family’s way of showing love and appreciation to Erma for her devotion to them.

Erma and the Leongs welcomed Liezel and Liezoo to Singapore on December 6.

“I want to say thank you to you, sir [Zach] and ma’am Joyce because they helped me. I’m so happy, I’m so glad that my children can come to Singapore, [and] I can spend Christmas and New Year with them here in Singapore. I’m so excited to see them. [For] six years, I haven’t seen them,” Erma said.

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