While trends come and go, some styles endure. We like turning to the past for inspiration, especially traditional Filipino aesthetics, which are unconcerned with being fashionable. These are styles that remain relevant today due to their authenticity with our culture and identity.

Today, we’re looking at timeless shapes from traditional Filipino fashion that should take up precious space in your closet, according to SM.

Wrap Skirt
A wrap skirt draws from the “patadyong,” an ingenious piece from pre-colonial times. It was worn by both men and women, which goes to show how practical and movement-friendly its design is; It adapts perfectly for the modern day because of this ease and comfort. The wrap skirt’s silhouette also makes for a sophisticated look as it usually features a flattering straight or A-line cut with a modest hemline. It can work for every occasion from more formal affairs to easy-going days.

Puffed Sleeves
Puff-sleeved clothes are pervasive in fashion – they’re done in every way, shape, and form. Our inspiration comes from the butterfly sleeves of the traditional Filipiñana. It adapts to every era in fashion because they’re aesthetically beautiful yet practical – the breathable sleeves are simply perfect for our tropical climate. Whether you prefer an understated sleeve or an eye-catching one, it will truly stand the test of time.

Bell Sleeves
Bell sleeves or angel wings are called such because of their large opening and volume. They draw from the camisa, a blouse from the post-colonial Philippines. Similar to butterfly sleeves, bell sleeves have outlasted trends because of their beauty and practicality. The silhouette gives an aura of grace and sophistication that elevates any outfit, yet the construction allows for much-needed breathability for our climate. We’ve designed our renditions with removable sleeves for versatility while maintaining elegance.

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