The Siargao Dragons’ team of paddlers secured victories in three categories during the first day of the 2nd International Dragon Boat Festival in Puerto Princesa City.

Hailing from Surigao del Norte, they secured gold medals in three distinct races—women’s 500-meter, men’s 500-meter, and mixed 500-meter events.

“What a fantastic result for our first day here [in] Puerto Princesa! Three gold medals in the women’s, men’s, and mixed 500m categories. We couldn’t be happier or more proud of our team for their efforts! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and supporters; without you, we could not have achieved this,” the team posted on their social media on November 18.

The Siargao Dragons demonstrated exceptional teamwork, strength, strategy, and agility as they outpaced their competitors in every race. They proved that Surigao is not just known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” but also excels in dragon boat racing.

Competitors from different cities and provinces across the Philippines and international teams brought distinctive strategies to the race. Regardless of their diverse backgrounds, they were grateful for the welcoming reception from the local community.

The organization and location, Puerto Princesa Baywalk, received acclaim for their flawless management.

They said Mayor Lucilo Bayron’s backing and guidance were instrumental in guaranteeing the event’s triumph.

The city government partnered with the Philippine Canoe Kayak Dragonboat Federation (PCKDF) to stage the second dragon boat race this month. Mayor Bayron emphasized that hosting this event solidifies Puerto Princesa’s position as a premier sports tourism destination in the country.

Women’s 500m Event:

  • Siargao Dragons claimed the top spot with a well-deserved Rank 1.
  • Dagun Pilipinas secured the second position at Rank 2.
  • Fire Dragons exhibited their prowess and attained Rank 3.
  • Rampage showcased their skills and finished at Rank 4.

Men’s 500m Event:

  • Siargao Dragons A emerged as the champions, dominating the competition and achieving Rank 1.
  • Mr. Canoe showcased their expertise and secured Rank 2.
  • Philippine Titans displayed strong performance and attained Rank 3.
  • Sugbu Mighty Dragons demonstrated their skills and concluded at Rank 4.

Mixed 500m Event:

  • Siargao Dragons once again proved their mettle, taking the top spot at Rank 1.
  • Alliance of Masters showcased their teamwork and secured Rank 2.
  • Philippine Titans exhibited their competitive spirit and earned Rank 3.
  • Riptide concluded the event with a solid performance at Rank 4.