The non profit group A Healthy Palawenyo (AHP) will continue to engage on discussions and provide essential information about health as it returns for Season 2, highlighting the holistic approach to health.

Ruvilyn Colongan-Rayco, Project Manager of A Healthy Palawenyo believes that the first season helped increase awareness among locals when it comes to health. She is positive that the show will reach more viewers, not just in Palawan but in different places.

In this season, the show will help nurture the emotional and spiritual care of locals. Experts will also help to strengthen mental health and guide viewers on how to keep their mental state healthy.

“For this season, mas papalawakin natin ang kaalaman ng mga Palawenyo, mas maraming sakit ang pag uusapan kung paano maiiwasan at malulunasan. Marami tayong doctors na magbabahagi sa atin ng kanilang mga kaalaman para sa A Healthy Palawenyo,” she said.

Aside from discussions about diseases and health concerns, experts will also share ideas on how to cook various plant-based recipes in the regular cooking demo. Physical therapists will also demonstrate various exercises that are doable for different diseases.

Rayco is hopeful that the upcoming episodes will continuously help Palaweños live a life free from diseases. It will also serve as a venue to connect medical practitioners and the public at the convenience of a digital connection.

Learning about health is made easier without the need to visit a hospital or clinic, she noted.

“Sa mga pasyente or listeners naman, malaking tipid. Di na nila kailangan magbayad bago pa matutunan ang nature ng kanilang diseases. Tipid na rin sa oras. Di na kailangang bumyahe pa para makita si doc. Online pwede na matutunan ang nature ng kanilng sakit at paano dapat malulunasan,” she said.

A Healthy Palawenyo is a show produced by the Adventist Hospital Palawan through the Palawan News. Episodes can be streamed on the official Facebook page of Palawan News every Sunday at 10 a.m.