A seaman from Agutaya, Palawan was among the three crewmen who died of suffocation while working inside a ship’s oil tank in Calaca, Batangas.

The three reportedly perished while cleaning their ship’s oil tank, according to a report forwarded to Camp Crame.

Three seafarers were found unconscious Monday (August 10) morning inside the empty oil tank of Motor Tankern Andina 200, a vessel anchored in a Calaca port at the time. The men were rushed to the Ospital of Calaca, where they were declared dead on arrival.

One of the seafarers was John Rey Illustrisimo, 22, from Agutaya municipality in the province. The other victims were Enrique Jay Gaspado, 24, from Valenzuela City, and Ryan Jay Bantilan, 25, of Eastern Samar.

The report that was quoted by a national news agency stated that gas fumes and lox oxygen supply inside the tank may have led to their demise.

“The gas odor and low oxygen supply inside probably caused the suffocation of the victims,” the report read.