SAN VICENTE, Palawan – Amazing! That was what I saw when I stepped on Long Beach and felt its white fine sand beneath my feet. It felt surreal, I was in awe of its natural beauty. It’s true what they say — this could be the next major attraction in Palawan.

Located in the northern part of Palawan, the municipality of San Vicente is about 176 kilometers from Puerto Princesa City. Transportation is readily available to this hidden paradise.

If you’re are coming from the city, you can hop on a shuttle van that regularly makes the trip. One can also rent a motorbike that’s available in rental shops in the city along the national road in Barangay San Miguel and also in the town proper of San Vicente.



If you’re coming from Manila there are direct flights now to San Vicente from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-Terminal 4 and another from Clark International Airport. Thanks to the local government who pursued this to happen.

This beach is touted to be the “longest white beach in the Philippines”. That is because it stretches 14 kilometers and remains undeveloped.

When I got there, I could see little surface waves that were apparently created by the wind blowing across the uppermost layer of the sea. The locals say they can go higher which is perfect for surfing. The fine white sands are like diamonds that sparkle when the sun shines.



You’ll also experience the mild breeze as it softly kisses your skin. That’s totally refreshing and new if you’ve lived most of your life in the city. The place is very quiet. Here, you will only hear the birds and the leaves being blown by the wind. If you want peace, this is definitely the place to be.

They said the waves in this town are slowly attracting foreigners who love surfing. For non-surfers, the little waves would be enough and great to enjoy and play with.

Speaking of the locals, I was able to witness and feel how warm and hospitable Agutaynons are. It’s no wonder why foreigners would really feel comfortable staying in San Vicente.



That said, I wonder how San Vicente will handle the eventual tourist influx. Is it ready to face changes?

Major companies have bought up most of the prime properties along the shoreline and are expected to start developing these soon. I wonder what they are waiting for to step-up tourism development in the town. Or is the town ready to step-up? How about the locals? Are they ready to receive the influx of tourists in their own town? Do they have sufficient electricity or power? There were just some of the random questions that pop up when one tries to imagine what is yet to come to San Vicente.

I hope they are prepared, as San Vicente has a lot to offer, from their beautiful people to their astonishing beaches and islands that you could share with the world.


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