Salary increase sought for city hall job order employees

Awat points out the LGC only grants such authority to the incumbent vice mayor, which is inapplicable in Vice Mayor Socrates’ case as she is only performing in an ‘acting’ capacity. (File photo)

City Councilor Peter Maristela is lobbying for a salary increase of job order employees at City Hall.

Maristela on Monday filed an ordinance that seeks to increase the daily rate of unskilled workers from P225 to P300, skilled workers from P250 to P325, and highly skilled workers from P275 to P350.

“There is a need to increase the prevailing rate of salary rates for them to cope with the rising cost of living,” Maristela told Palawan News.

The last time the City government adjusted the rates for non-regular employees was some five years ago, records show.

He said this move will enable the City government to “compete and adopt with other employers.” Currently, he noted that the prevailing minimum wage rate in the region with 10 workers and above is P290 a day.

In his proposed ordinance, unskilled workers are those performing special jobs not falling under the clerical and skilled workers, such as barangay coordinator, computer encoder, library aide, lineman, market/slaughterhouse collector, plant propagator, plumber and well driller/welder, security guard and utility worker.

Skilled workers, on one hand, are those performing clerical jobs and those whose jobs entail health hazards, such as casual firefighter, clerk, electrician, garbage collector, street sweeper, grass cuter operator, legislative aide, light equipment operator and traffic enforcer.

Meanwhile, highly skilled workers are those with experience on highly technical and supervisory jobs, such as butcher/meat inspector, City-funded teacher, computer programmer, daycare worker, driver assigned to elected City officials, engineer, heavy equipment operator, information officer, legislative staff officer, medical technician, midwife, nurse and supervisor.

Maristela said the proposed prescribed rates would attract competitive workers that would improve the services and programs of the City government.

His proposal has been referred to the City Council’s appropriation committee for discussion, and eventually subject to City Mayor Lucilo Bayron’s approval depending on fund availability.

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