Plan International through SAVE Seas project hosts an information education campaign (IEC) about forced labor and human trafficking on fishing vessels
Safe and humane labor practices in fishing vessels are being sought by multisectoral agencies, raising awareness for Palaweño fisherfolks.
Plan International, through its Safeguarding Against and Addressing Fishers’ Exploitation at Sea (SAFE Seas) Project strengthened the information and educational campaign (IEC) of the multisectoral agencies through a two-day workshop, beefing up regulations and policies to address labor exploitation on fishing vessels.
John Vincent Dumadangon, project officer of the SAFE Seas, on Friday said that the project intends to improve coordination and raise the profile of labor issues within government inter-agency structures.
“It encourages the use of multi-disciplinary inspection models that integrate checks for forced labor, human trafficking, and other exploitative practices into searches for illegal activity on fishing vessels,” he said.
The project focuses on forced labor and trafficking in persons for labor exploitation.
“Raising awareness through visibility campaigns and regular orientations and consultations,” Dumadangon explained, saying, “By engaging fishers themselves, the project will also help ensure reporting and remedy mechanisms are relevant, accessible and responsive to the needs of fishers.”
Some 3278 fisherfolks, including minors, were reportedly involved in the fishing industry forced labor in 2018.
Representatives from the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatics Resources (BFAR), Provincial Social Welfare Development Office (PSWDO), City SWDO, and City PESO are present on the event.
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