(Photo courtesy of PPO El Nido(

EL NIDO, Palawan — A 41-years-old Russian national has been arrested here for reportedly mauling a 29-years-old Filipina inside the Squidos Restaurant in Barangay Masagana.

Arrested on March 4 was identified as Vitali Tatarnikov while the victim was named Athena Alexis Gabrielle Calderon, a resident of Ilocos Sur.

Police investigators said that the incident happened around 11:45 p.m. on the said date while the suspect was under the influence of alcohol.

Tatarnicov reportedly grabbed hold of the waist of a certain Christine Cheng and spoke to her in a lewd manner.

Cheng’s boyfriend intervened to pacify Tatarnicov, but he instead turned his attention on him and chased him around the establishment.

Joel Liwanag, the brother of Cheng’s boyfriend and the husband of Calderon, also intervened to try to pacify the Russian national. However, Tatarnicov had already punched Calderon on the face during the commotion, causing her to stumble on the pavement.

Calderon, who was rushed to a nearby clinic for the treatment of her injury, will reportedly file a case against the Russian suspect.