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[UPDATED] Two unidentified robbers took about P200,000 in cash on Maundy Thursday from a product agent who was collecting sales payments in New Site, Barangay Ransang in Rizal municipality, according to the police.

Tata Ali Ibrani, 52, an Emertan Marketing Corporation product agent who was in the store of a certain Emmang Ambotong in the aforementioned barangay at the time of the occurrence, was identified as the victim.

According to a Rizal Municipal Police Station (MPS) spot report, Ibrani was inside Ambotong’s store when two unidentified suspects barged in and announced a holdup.

One of the men pointed a gun at Ibrani, while the other took his bag with the cash. Apart from the money, the robbers also seized his mobile phone, worth P8,000.

The Rizal MPS said they escaped towards the direction of Barangay Taburi, Rizal.