Ilan sa mga mangroves na naapektuhan ng pag-uuling sa barangay Panalingaan sa bayan ng Rizal. (Larawan mula sa MENRO Rizal.)

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) in Rizal town, southern Palawan, is preparing to implement a plan to rehabilitate approximately six hectares of mangrove area in Barangay Panalingaan that have been destroyed by charcoal-making activities.

According to MENRO officer Jenel Joy Calamba-Torres, a multi-sectoral team has been formed to lead the plan to restore the area’s once-thriving mangroves.

Estuaries benefit from mangrove forests, which also support eco-based economies, she said. They play a crucial role in the ecosystem because their extensive roots aid in tying and forming soils.

The local fisheries will be impacted by their destruction, Torres explained, because there won’t be any fish spawning grounds.

“MENRO-Rizal and composed of composite sectors to cover the documentation, rehabilitation of damage mangrove area, and provision of strategies/activities to sustain protection of mangrove areas in Brgy. Panalingaan, Rizal,” said Torres.

“Sa ngayon po, mahigpit na rin ang pagbabantay at monitoring activity sa area na ito, katuwang din ang ating mismong komunidad,” she added.

Part of the plan is to conduct mangroves planting and community awareness activities, which will be carried out by the multi-sectoral team.

However, with assistance from the local Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Education (DepEd), and other local line agencies, mangrove planting as a restoration activity will be given priority.

She said they are also looking into the possibility of offering charcoal makers livelihood programs to prevent them from reverting to the destructive activity.


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