Rizal tops record of malaria cases in MIMAROPA

The Municipality of Rizal, Palawan has recorded more than 100% increase in the number of  malaria cases in 2015 thus makes the town a top  “area of concern” of the Department of Health in the MIMAROPA Region.



Assistant Regional Director Faith Alberto said that Rizal town recorded 1,273 malaria cases in 2014 but it dramatically increased to 2,805 in 2015. Two individuals died due to malaria in the said town.


The DOH-Mimaropa team conducted a planning workshop recently participated by affected barangays as one of the measures to address the problem.


DOH identified some of the causes of the sudden increase of malaria cases in Rizal town and some of these are the lack of knowledge about malaria, nomadic characteristic of indigenous people and poverty.


Issue ang kahirapan kasi halimbawa, mamimigay nga kami ng kulambo pero wala naman pala silang banig, butas, papasukin din ng mga lamok,” Dir. Alberto said.


She further explained that malaria-carrier mosquitoes are night biters attacking from 10 o’clock in the evening to 2 o’clock in the morning.


Vector Borne Diseases Coordinator Oscar L. Macam Jr., said that his team will be conducting mass blood smearing and massive information campaign as part of the DOH’s intervention to lessen if not eradicate the problem.


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