The participants of the basketball clinic with their coaches

Aspiring basketball heroes in Barangay Rio Tuba had the rare opportunity to be trained by topnotch coaches from the Junior National Basketball Association (NBA).

The basketball clinic for youngsters aged 8-17 years old is sponsored by the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC)  at the gymnasium on April 8.

Jonel Secadron, information and education (IEC) officer of RTNMC, said this will be the first time they will partner with the Jr.NBA.

“Partnering with Jr. NBA yes it is the first time. But in previous years especially summertime, there are local coaches who volunteer to do the clinic with the assistance of RTN,” he said.

He said they appreciated the  Jr. NBA coaches but they look forward to having the NBA players conducting the clinic in the future.

“No players were present only coaches, two senior coaches- Ronnie Lacsamana accredited Jr. NBA coach – Palawan;  Coach Moses Regalado and Coaches Earl John Garcia, Jesse Laguerder, Lorenzo Carlos and Dyess Alcazar as volunteer coaches,” he said.

They trained the youngsters in the fundamentals of basketball as well as try-outs, he also said.

“Brief discussion about basic principles of basketball learning the fundamentals but they were trained the basics (dribbling, passing, etc.),” he added.

The program is volunteered program by the NBA but it was the RTN that provided the assistance needed, Secadron said.

He said it aims to help the youth to be socially and physically active and learn discipline by joining in this camp.

“The basketball clinic is conducted free by the Jr. NBA based on pure volunteerism but RTN provided assistance on the event like the venue, food, accommodation of the coaches. The program is for the kids to be physically and socially active thru sports and learn the discipline of basketball,” he pointed out.

He stated that both RTN and NBA felt overwhelmed to witness the enjoyment of the children who attended the basketball clinic that they already are planning the clinic next year.

“We saw them how they enjoyed the activity at the same time they learn how to interact with other kids. More kids would like to participate so maybe we will do this every summer,” he stated,” he added.